Monday #278


Noddy and the Case of the Toyland Mischief Maker


July Round Up

Enid Blyton’s Magazine Annual #1 has 15 stories and picture strips all specially written for the annual. It includes stories from famous series like the Famous Five (A Lazy Afternoon) and Noddy (Come Along, Little Noddy and Look Behind You, Little Noddy), plus Amelia Jane, Mr Meddle, Mr Twiddle, The Three Golliwogs, Brer Fox, Josie Click and Bun and The Secret Seven. There are also some riddles, puzzles and simple craft ideas scattered through the book, and the end papers feature a Famous Five board-game to keep you entertained after you’ve finished reading all the stories.

Mr Eppy is a curious fellow, with two different coloured eyes. He and his wife are taking a cruise in The Ship of Adventure with their nephew Lucian, and while he seems like a perfectly normal chap, the Mannering/Trent children have a bad feeling about him. Of course, it turns out that they are right and he is a cold, calculating man not above using his nephew as a spy and stealing a treasure map from four children. He is also evil enough to try to trap them underground so that he can be the one to recover the treasure.

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