Monday #279

Ten facts about the Adventure Series and me


Five Go Adventuring Again

Amelia Jane had a lovely time all by herself. She snipped a hole in the curtains, and then she snipped another! Then she went to the hearth-rug and cut a whole corner off that! Then she found Nurse’s handkerchief on the floor, and do you know, she cut it into twenty-two tiny pieces. It was one of Nurse’s best hankies too, with a pretty lace edge. But Amelia Jane didn’t care about that! Then she went to the carpet and began to snip little bit of it here and there.

Amelia Jane is extremely naughty in the first story in Naughty Amelia Jane.

Toyland, where Noddy lives, is a whole world full of weird and wonderful towns and villages. There is Bouncing Ball Village where the bouncing balls live, Golliwog town where the Golliwogs live, Rocking-Horse Village is full of rocking horses, Humming-Top Village, Wooden-Engine Village, Dolls-house Town, Skittle Town, Clockwork Mouse Town, Toy-Cat Town, and countless more besides. Noddy stays in Toy Village where toys of all kinds live.

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