Monday #280

Blyton’s strangest homes


If you like Blyton: Cream Buns and Crime by Robin Stevens

Here come Sam and Anne, ready for anything that Pete wants them to do. Their mothers look out of the window, shake their heads and say “Ah – there go the Troublesome Three!”

From The Troublesome Three.

Having just read Five Go Adventuring Again I feel compelled to have Mr Roland as the character of the week. Beware: spoilers!

Mr Roland, a tutor, comes to Kirrin Cottage to do what tutors do, tutor. Unfortunately for Uncle Quentin, Mr Roland has an ulterior motive and he’s really there to steal some of his secret work. It’s also unfortunate for George as she’s the only one who sees Mr Roland for who he really is, and he makes life very hard for her as a result. She bases her dislike on two things: one, he doesn’t like Timmy (!) and two, he has thin lips which is a sign of cruelty.

Mr Roland is clever enough to orchestrate a reasonably clever plan, charm Uncle Quentin into hiring him and becoming his friend and also to drive a wedge between George and her cousins and father. He’s not clever enough to defeat the Famous Five, but then, who is?

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