Monday #285


The Valley of Adventure Holidays, 2018


Miss Grayling’s Girls part 3 – the in-betweeners

After writing a travel brochure for it recently, this week’s location has to be Demon’s Rocks.

Demon’s Rocks is around the coast from Kirrin, close enough to drive the distance in one day. While Kirrin is a sleepy fishing village, Demon’s Rocks has a proper harbour and a lighthouse. The lighthouse is there to try to keep ships of the wicked rocks that give the place it’s name, and it’s the history of wreckers who would use the dangerous rocks to their advantage there that makes the location so interesting. That and lots of underground tunnels and caves! The underground part is double interesting though, due to the rumours of lost gold belonging to the wreckers.

By the time the Five visit the lighthouse is no longer in use – it has been replaced by a bigger, brighter one along the coast. Demon’s Rocks harbour also seems quieter, but that’s not a bad thing for a nice holiday. The lighthouse would be an exciting place to stay, I think, but then I like historical buildings.

Bert Monkey is a troublesome chap who comes to Noddy in Noddy and the Magic Rubber. His tail, which he seems to have no control over at all, has stolen a magic rubber from his grandmother and he would like Noddy’s help to get it back. The two trail all over Toyland while Bert’s tail does everything it can to cause trouble. It honks Noddy’s car’s horn, it tickles people, trips up, pokes them in the eye and more. Perhaps his tail alone should have been the character for the week!

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