The Valley of Adventure Travel Brochure from Travel Blyton

If Demon’s Rocks isn’t the holiday destination for you, why not try The Valley of Adventure. Adventurous by name and adventurous by nature!

The rocky mountain pass which previously kept the valley secluded and secretive has been recently reopened. Now visitors can enjoy a scenic drive and enter the valley by tour bus, or, if purchasing premium passes they can arrive by aeroplane*.

*Seats are allocated, please do not try to hide at the back, also be careful to board the correct plane.

Those in good health can take a well-signposted walk via the ruined village, cow shed, false treasure-cave entrance, fern cave and waterfall all the way to the treasure caves (stout shoes are recommended). The young, elderly, or infirm may prefer to travel on the newly installed cable-car, hop on and off points are available at each notable location.

The treasure caves have been re-filled with authentic-to-the-period statues, art works and jewellery and are equipped with a state of the art burglar alarm system. There is full disabled access via a lift, though care must be taken in the ‘stars’ cave as lighting is minimal to preserve the effect of the phosphorescence.

On dry days the sun-ledge will open to allow visitors to enjoy the sunshine.

The hut-tearoom by the airstrip has been extended to contain a luxury cafe serving light lunches, snacks and all-day refreshments. The hut is also home to the History of the Valley exhibition which contains maps and photographs of the secret passages which run between the caves.



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4 Responses to The Valley of Adventure Travel Brochure from Travel Blyton

  1. chrissie777 says:

    But tourists cannot sleep in the moss covered cave behind the waterfall? 😦


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