Monday #289

Miss Grayling’s Girls – the successes


Jolly Good Food, the Enid Blyton Children’s Cookbook

What is the good of a pretty face if there is a spiteful heart beneath it? Has Prudence any real friends, dear? She knows the meaning of riches and good food, a car, servants and things of that kind, but does she know the meaning of kindness, loyalty, humility and charity?

In The Family at Red Roofs Mrs Jackson talks to her daughter Molly about a school friend that Molly is envious of.

Bumpy dog appears in many Noddy books and adaptations. He is an extremely boisterous animal, always knocking people over and bouncing around – hence his name. Noddy first meets him in book #14, Noddy and the Bumpy Dog after he has been injured by a sailor doll on a bike. He likes him very much but finds him much too bumpy to keep, so Bumpy Dog ends up going to live with Tessie Bear, and visiting Noddy frequently.

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