Monday #307

My top Blyton locations


Five Go Off in a Caravan part 2

To his enormous astonishment he saw two Mr Larkins on the ground. Two faces with straggly beards and shaggy eyebrows and thick glasses looked up at him, blinking in the light of the lantern.

Mr Goon gets a bit of a shock in The Tally-Ho Mystery. It’s just as well that all three Mr Larkins weren’t running around in the night at the same time, I’m not sure he could have coped with that.

Faynights Castle features in Five Have a Wonderful Time. It is a bit like Kirrin Castle in that it is a ruin, with one remaining and inaccessible tower. The big difference is that there’s a turnstile and a charge to enter! The outer walls are eight feet thick, so it’s lucky there’s a missing brick that gives access to a secret passage in the middle – otherwise the Five couldn’t find their way up into the tower where they’ve spotted a mysterious face.



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