February 2019 round up

Well, there has clearly been a mix-up behind the scenes here (and I can’t blame anyone but myself!). I’ve just discovered this post lurking in the drafts folder, when it was meant to be published on March 1. Whoops! Seeing as I haven’t made much progress yet with the short story reviews I promised for this week I’m going to publish this now, and save the short stories for next week.

What I have read

I’m still a bit behind schedule for my reading target. I’ve lacked motivation to pick up any of the books on my shelves or to-read pile. I’ve listened to some audiobooks, though, and read a few other things. I’ve found myself watching more TV (well, Netflix on my laptop anyway) as I’ve gotten into a few programmes and it’s nice to indulge sometimes!

What I have managed to read is:

  • Hetty Feather (Hetty Feather #1) – Jacqueline Wilson
  • The Fiery Cross (Outlander #5) – Diana Gabaldon
  • Too Much Information – Dave Gorman
  • Hairy Maclary’s Hat Tricks (Hairy Maclary) – Lynley Dodd
  • C is for Corpse (Kinsey Millhone #3) – Sue Grafton
  • Five Go Off in a Caravanreviewed here and here
  • D is for Deadbeat (Kinsey Millhone #4) – Sue Grafton

That means I’ve read 12 books, and I’m 4 behind target.

I’ve still to finish:

  • The Diary of a Bookseller – Shaun Bythell

I got through the epic 5th Outlander book, which at 1,400 pages is the equivalent of several (like 7 Famous Fives!) shorter books. I’m not letting myself borrow the next one until I have read something I already have sitting at home.

What I have watched

  • The rest of the Marie Kondo series on Netflix
  • Consumed which is another Netflix show about people who live with houses so cluttered they can’t use some of their rooms. It made me feel great about how tidy my house was in comparison!
  • Thanks to Netflix then showing related programmes as suggestions, I then watched a one-off documentary called World of Compulsive Hoarders. And after that I went on to Amazing Interiors, which is basically about homes with weird and wonderful things inside like enormous fish tanks or bespoke interiors on houseboats.
  • Only Connect
  • Hollyoaks
  • Call the Midwife, though I’ve fallen behind as I rarely find a whole hour to sit and watch what I’ve recorded!
  • A few more episodes of The Sinner

What I have done

  • More trips to the park
  • Continuing Organised Mum, Marie Kondo-ing and bullet journaling
  • Had my bathroom completely renovated, which wasn’t fun for the week but has been so worth it
  • Started playing Totem Tribe again
  • Unpacked some pretty great books from in storage at work, including a school atlas from 1853
  • Taken Brodie to Bookbug (aka rhyme time). I’m sad the library we use is closing for six months for refurbishment!


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