Monday #311

Malory Towers covers part 2


Noddy and the Pirates

Mystery Moor was once called Misty Moor, because of the terrible mists that crept across it from the sea. Then, one day, the Bartletts who ran a small train to and from their quarry disappeared in the mist, and never came back. After that it was known as Mystery Moor, and the Famous Five do indeed have to solve a misty mystery there, following the old train tracks in the sand and coming up against an unpleasant band of travellers.


Tassie appears in The Castle of Adventure. She is a wild girl, dirty, ragged and barefoot, and she cannot read or write despite being around the same age as the other children. She can – however – charm animals almost as well as Philip can, bringing him a pet fox-cub, and knows the area around the castle well. When she makes firm friends with the Mannering/Trent kids Mrs Mannering forces her to have a bath with carbolic soap and dresses her in one of Dinah’s old dresses. A few days later she’s back to looking grubby except for the new shoes which she wears around her neck instead of on her feet!

tassie and button the castle of adventure

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