Monday #312

Enid Blyton in the Who’s Who of Children’s Literature


New Term at Malory Towers by Pamela Cox

Mam’zelle saw with great pleasure that once again she could lock somebody into somewhere. She began to think that burglar-catching was the easiest thing in the world – merely a matter of turning a key in a lock. She turned the key in the shut bathroom door – and there was yet another burglar accounted for.

Unfortunately for Mamzelle in Fifth Formers at St Clare’s she has not captured a hoard of burglars, but in fact trapped a range of sleepwalking and ill school girls!

Noddy Has an Adventure is the 17th book in the main Noddy series. Poor Noddy gets the blame for all sorts of mischief in this book, such as stealing Big Ears’ washing and Mr Big-Bear’s flowers – because a parp-parp like Noddy’s car has been heard at the locations of the thefts. Thankfully his good friend Tessie Bear is there to help, and provides him an alibi the next night when Mr Golly’s plums are stolen. It’s then down to Noddy and Big-Ears to work out who really is the thief.


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