Monday #316

Short stories from Rainy Day Stories


Five on Kirrin Island Again

“This bird,” he said, looking at Kiki suddenly, “this bird – it must be in a cage. I order it.”

Gus and Kiki get off to a bad start in The Circus of Adventure.


The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage is the first book of the Five-Find Outers series, where Fatty and Buster meet Larry, Daisy, Pip and Bets, and they solve their first mystery.

Fatty teaches the others about detective work, like gathering clues (or glues as Bets thinks they are called), identifying suspects and investigating motives.

Old Clear Orf is no match for the Find-Outers, even though they are new to investigative work, and they are the first to work out who set fire to Mr Hick’s workroom.


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