Monday #320

What Would Julian Do? The religion of Julianity


Mr Galliano’s Circus covers through the years

“What sauce to call me Jenny Wren at my age!” Miss Wren would say, but her gentle brown eyes would twinkle, and everyone would smile. Jenny Wren liked her new name, and her new family, and her new home, just as much as her new family liked her!

Jenny Wren settles in with The Family at Red Roofs.

The Hidey-Hole was Enid Blyton’s last novel in 1964. It is about three children who are trying to raise money for a good cause by picking and selling blackberries. While doing this they find a secret hidey-hole to play in, which becomes important when the owner of the garden they have been blackberrying in is burgled.

The story was written while Enid was in declining health, and it doesn’t quite live up to most of her earlier books. The word blackberry or variations of it appear constantly, and the story might be classed as a little bit thin. Still, it’s a fun short read, and has a special place as her last book.

the hidey-hole



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5 Responses to Monday #320

  1. I’ve never heard of ‘The Hidey-Hole’ before, and I’m inclined to wonder if she was channelling Joyce Grenfell’s memorable parody (which, when I first read it as a child, I didn’t initially recognise as a Blyton parody, despite already being very familiar with Blyton’s work).


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