What Would Julian Do? The Religion of Julianity

I don’t even remember quite how this started, but in 2011 Stef and I created a Facebook page called Julianity. We’ve just scheduled it for deletion, actually, as it had been a very long time since we have posted anything on it. Despite that it had 1,002 people following it (due to Facebook’s lousy algorithms hardly any of those people saw anything we posted, believe me I tried publicizing the blog on it!).

Enid Blyton created the character of Julian Kirrin in 1942. He had 21 adventures with his brother Dick, sister Anne, cousin George and her dog Timmy. He always looked after anyone younger than him, and of course, girls. Some might consider him pompous and sexist, but we love him in all his incarnations. Disclaimer: We are NOT Julian Kirrin.

I think we had the brainwave of thinking what if the J in WWJD stood for Julian, and not Jesus?. I mean we do pretty much worship Julian and his quick brain.

We then made a lot of very of-their-time memes which may not even be funny now. I may well have to explain who some of the people in the memes are, and their relevance. Seeing as the Facebook page is soon to be no more I thought I would put the memes on here anyway, just so they don’t get forgotten.

Of their time current affair memes

Yes those are David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks, placing us back in 2011/2012. If only all politicians and newspaper editors asked themselves What Would Julian Do? then the world would be a better place!

Harry Potter memes

Here Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Voldemort ask WWJD?

Random pop culture memes

D’oh! Homer Simpson could have done worse than consider what Julian would do.

Fry from Futurama.

Elpheba from Wicked.

Bella Swan from Twilight.

Rebecca Black, who sang Friday, giving the wrong answer.

Memebase memes

Memebase, as the name suggests, was a big meme site. It had a load of ‘characters’ which had expected behaviours and people would add their own text to images of those characters making new jokes on the same idea.

I fear that none of these are really funny unless you know the characters, and by explaining the joke then it’s still not funny, but here goes.

Misunderstood Mitch (the original caption was something about him turning up his collar -the implication being he looked idiotic – but he was really trying to protect his neck from sunburn).

Good Guy Grey, known for, well, being a good guy.

Philosoraptor – a philosopher/velociraptor hybrid who asks funny yet deep and meaningful questions.

Y U No guy, who basically asked Y U No (why you not) do various things.

Staredad, a four panel ‘comic’ where a son rushes to tell his dad, or ask his dad something and the dad replies in a usually sinister fashion.

And finally some Blyton memes you might actually find funny


Dick (as played by Paul Child in the 90’s Famous Five series) asks the important question. Julian does not approve from the Rebecca Black meme above comes from the same screenshot. Also, Jemima Rooper who played George in the same series, asks herself the same question.

Another one from the 90s series, this time with bad punctuation!

So… yeah

Those memes more or less supported a whole Facebook page and gained 1,000 followers.

Oh we did mock up a few tshirt designs as well.

I think the rest of our content was just us uploading screencaps or random photos of Julian from the books.

Apart from the time I found a coke bottle with Julian on it, and noticed there’s an episode of Jessica Jones called WWJD. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t meaning Julian, though.

And that was more or less our most popular Facebook page. Goodness knows why!


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