Monday #323

Letters to Enid volume 6


Five Go Off to Camp part 2

Noddy and the Tootles is the penultimate book in the series of 24 books about Noddy. The Tootles are a family of musical gypsies who camp by Noddy’s house, Mr Tootle, Mrs Tootle and their eight little Toots. At first they may seem like harmless and amusing neighbours but soon they are causing Noddy bother and he has to do some work to get things sorted again.

noddy and the tootles

Alison O’Sullivan is a cousin to the O’Sullivan twins, Pat and Isabel. She joins St Clare’s at the start of The O’Sullivan Twins, the second book about the boarding school. Pat describes her instantly as a bit stuck up (which is rich coming from her!) full of airs and graces and as having had her hair permed. This brief insight is quite accurate as when we meet Alison and follow her through a few years at St Clare’s she is certainly vain, feather-headed and really quite silly. She spends a lot of time idolizing and worshipping some older girl or school mistress, usually because they are pretty, or glamorous or wealthy, or sometimes all three though she does improve a little as the series goes on.

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