Letters to Enid 9: From volume 1 issue 18

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Letters page from Volume 1, issue 18. November 11th – 24th 1953



 1. A letter from a child in Northumberland, whose name I am not printing – but my prize goes to her this week.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I would like to become a Busy Bee because I love all animals. I want to tell you something. I have lost the thumb on my right hand, and in my Junior School like, I have been mocked and laughed at about it. Please could you possibly, in your magazine, as the children on behalf of any child who has lost any part of his body, not to mock or laugh at them. It does make them feel so unhappy.
Your faithful friend

E. R.

(I felt sad when I read this letter. I know that my readers will do what this child asks.)

2. A letter from Joy Meree Slader-Brown, 62 Wellington Road, Exeter
Please, I want to be a Sunbeam. I have put in three shillings, one shilling for the badge, and a shilling each for my two eyes, because I can see out of both of them. I went without some of my sweets to save it up.
With love from


(A shilling each for her two eyes – what a lovely idea!)

3. A letter from Maureen Harper, 1 Rudham Road, Syderstone, Norfolk
Dear Enid Blyton,
Will you please make me a Sunbeam, as I feel sorry for all the little blind children. I had an operation on my eyes in hospital, and had to have them covered up for eleven days. I am going to hospital again for the same thing, so I am sure I shall think of the little blind children when I have my eyes covered up again. I hope I shall get my badge in time to wear it in hospital.
From your most faithful reader

Maureen Harper

(Good luck to you, Maureen, from all of us.)


Three very worthy letters this week, from kind-hearted children. All girls again, though! I love how children feel they can confide in Enid Blyton, just from reading her books.



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