Monday #329

St Clare’s covers through the years part 2


On my bookshelf

I’m afraid of living alone, with my thoughts and memories, Lizzie. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my like, and I remember them when I’m alone. I’m a lonely old woman, and I want life and friends around me – yes, even if people don’t want me, I still want to be with them!

Aunt Grace pours her heart out a bit to Lizzie at the start of House-at-the-Corner.

house at the corner

The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage is where the Five Find-Outers begin, when Fatty (and Buster) meets Larry, Daisy, Pip and Bets and they form their find-outing group. Their first mystery is trying to work out who set fire to Mr Hick’s workroom, not an easy task seeing as he has several people who are quite angry with him. And of course they are up against the magnificent Mr Goon, the local policeman. Unfortunately for him, he is magnificently rude and foolish and absolutely useless at mysteries for the most part, and is royally shown up by the children when they point the finger at the right culprit.



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