Monday #341

If you like Blyton: A Mystery for Ninepence by Phyllis Gegan


Updates to Blyton’s texts: The Naughtiest Girl in the School

Sid was quite overcome at his wonderful evening. First there was what he called a ‘smasher of a supper,’ with ham and eggs and chip potatoes followed by jam tarts and a big chocolate mould, of which Sid ate about three-quarters.

“I’m partial to chocolate mould,” he explained to Anne. “Joan knows that – she knows I’m partial to anything in the chocolate line. She’s friendly with my Mum, so she knows. The things I’m partial to I like very much, see?”

Despite more-or-less being kidnapped and held hostage Sid the paperboy manages to have a good evening at Kirrin Cottage in Five Fall Into Adventure.

Craggy Tops is the home of Uncle Jocelyn and Aunt Polly – and during the holidays, of Philip and Dinah Mannering. It is a huge old house, complete with tower, built into the rocky cliffs beside a wild sea. Half of it is crumbling away, perhaps because it is constantly being eroded by sea spray. There’s no electricity or running water, just oil lamps and a well outside. On the plus side, it has its own secret passage leading from the cellar to a cave on the beach.

So why would anyone stay in a place like that? Well, Uncle Jocelyn is a historian and is writing a book about the various battles that took place on that bit of coast, and for that, he apparently has to live right there.


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