Monday #343

Remember, remember the fifth of November


Updates to Blyton’s Texts: The Naughtiest Girl in the School

The countryside lay smiling in the afternoon sunshine. Cottages clustered together here and there, and cattle grazed in the fields. In the distance, a curious, steep hill caught her eye. It rose up very suddenly, and at the top was a strange building. It looked like a small, square castle, for it haad towers at each end.

Pam looks out the window and sees Cliff Castle for the first time in The Secret of Cliff Castle.

The Children at Happy House is the first book of three about Jack, Jane and Benjy, who in typical Blyton fashion, move to the countryside from the city. Aimed at younger readers there is no high drama or adventure, just a nice family story about getting a dog and earning some money to buy mother a birthday present.


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