Monday #346

I did warn you last week: The Christmas posts are starting from now! (There are less than six weeks to go, you know.)

Christmas gift guide 2019


If you like Blyton: The Harveys See it Through by Phyllis Gegan

It stood in the hall, with coloured candles in holders clipped to the branches, and gay, shining ornaments hanging from top to bottom. Silver strands of frosted string hung down from the branches like icicles, and Anne had put bits of white cotton-wool here and there to look like snow. It really was a lovely sight to see.

The Kirrin Cottage Christmas tree in Five Go Adventuring Again.

Five Go Adventuring Again

Father Christmas and Belinda is a lovely book full of colour photographs. Belinda’s owner gets a new doll at a Christmas party and relegates her and her doll-friend Tod to the window-ledge because they are old and dirty.

Because of that they are able to spot Father Christmas and he takes them on a sleigh-ride to deliver presents to a few children he has marked as special because of their unhappiness, and for a visit to his castle.

It ends with them being reunited with their owner who has missed them terribly!

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  1. Dale Vincero, Brisbane Australia says:

    Another good post Fiona. Thanks.


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