Monday #350

Last week before Christmas!

Eileen Soper at Christmas


Five Fall Into Adventure part 2

There were trees about three feet high, just big enough for a small nursery. Then there were rows of bigger trees, whose branches could take quite a lot of toys and ornaments. Then there were bigger trees still for parties – the kind of Christmas trees that almost touch the ceiling of the drawing-room, and look simply wonderful when they have candles lighted.

And largest of all were the trees that were sold for school-parties – the sort that tower right up high, and hold hundreds of presents and sparkle like magic.

Who knew there were so many kinds of Christmas tree? From The Tiny Christmas Tree in Tales After Supper.

Janey, from The Christmas-Tree Party is a little girl who is a bit of a voyeur, actually, but a nice, honest one. She isn’t invited to the party in the house across the street but she watches it all being set-up in awe, exclaiming over all the lovely decorations and food. Meanwhile, her brother Robin is sulky and jealous about it. Being voyeuristic means that Janey sees the Christmas tree about to fall on the dining table and rushes over to warn her neighbours. Her good deed earns her an invite to the party, while sulky Robin has to stay home and sulk even more.

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  1. chrissie777 says:

    My favorite children’s books illustrator. 🙂


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