Letters to Enid 19: From volume 2 issue 7

Previous letters pages can be found here.

Letters page from Volume 2, issue 7. March 31st-April 13 1954



A letter from Sunbeam Christine Warren, 51 Central Road, Wembley.
Dear Enid Blyton,
Today I left my big china doll, Daphne, in her cradle sitting up with my Enid Blyton’s Magazine in her hands, and I went downstairs to tea. When I came up she looked as if she was reading it. I looked to see what page it was open at and she was looking at the News Sheet, straight at the  place of the Sunbeams’ News, looking as if she would like to be a Sunbeam. So I enclose a postal order for her badge. Daphne is about 27 years old and I hope she is allowed to join.
Love from

(I am delighted to have Daphne for a Sunbeam as well as you, Christine!)

A letter from Margery Wallace, Leith Hill Place Farm, Holmebury St. Mary, Surrey.
Dear Miss Blyton,
When I knew that March 18th was the first birthday of our Magazine I said to my friends: “Those of us who are members of the F.F., will drink a toast on that day for its birthday. We will each bring a glass and a nice little bottle of cherry-ade, and at “break” we will sit on the forms and I will make a speech, and we will all stand and drink the toast.” They thought it was a good idea and I hope you will too.
Love from
Margaret Wallace.

(I think it’s a splendid idea, Margaret, thank you very much!)

3. A letter from Margaret Paterson and Lorna Coad, 75 Tudor Gardens, West Acton.
Dear Miss Blyton,
We are fond readers of your magazine and books, especially “The Famous Five.” We have a club which is called “The Adventurous Club,” and we use the F.F.’s Club badge. When we write to each other we use invisible ink or secret codes. For our clubroom we use an attic.
Much love from
Margaret and Lorna

(This excellent little club is typical of many. Good luck to it!)

Such nice letters this week, and they make a refreshing change from the frequently seen letters about how much money has been raised by the writers.


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