Monday #362

The Five as you’ve never seen them before, part 2


Introducing Fanfic Friday (because who doesn’t love alliteration!)

Cunningham and Petrov, the Mystery of the Missing Aeroplane

Amelia Jane slept for an hour- and then she began having horrid dreams about falling into a river and getting cold and wet. She woke up with a jump – and oh, my goodness, whatever had happened? She was clasping a few wet clothes tightly to her – and she was soaked through and dropping wet. The snow-doll had disappeared.

I think we can guess what happened to the snow-doll in Amelia-Jane and the Snow-Doll from Amelia Jane Again!

Not an original Blyton location, but this week we will have St Andrew’s Castle, first built in the 1200s. It’s now a ruin, but it boasts the most complete example of a mine and counter-mine in all of Europe, and best of all, you can go down and explore it. With the sea on two sides it’s a very Bytonian setting, and I’ve just used it as the location of my new fanfic story, which I need to come up with a title for.



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3 Responses to Monday #362

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I took several pics of St. Andrews Castle on 14th of May 2019 while my husband played golf on the Old Link. I’m looking forward to see your pics. BTW when I was at St. Andrews Castle, I unable to find the underground passage which was mentioned by one Blyton Yahoo Group member when we still had the Yahoo members photos.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    I enjoy “Cunningam and Petrov”.


  3. Dale Vincero, Brisbane Australia says:

    Thank you for Chapter 4 of “Cunningham and Petrov and the Missing Aeroplane”.


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