The Five as you have never seen them before, part 2

Recently I posted some illustrations by Eileen Soper that look like members of the Famous Five but are actually from short stories. Here are some more, this time from the Hodder Story Books (Happy, Merry and so on).

Anne and George rescue Santa Claus

I’ve shared these illustrations before and probably mentioned that Betty and Fred (Santa Claus Gets Shock: Happy Story Book) resemble Anne and George. This obviously doesn’t fit with the canon as they didn’t know each other as young as they appear here. But then again if they’re rescuing Santa anything’s possible.

Dick finds some kittens

A young Jimmy aka Dick Kirrin finds a basket full of kittens in A Basket of Surprises in the Merry Story Book.

A skirmish between the Kirrin cousins

Looks like neither Julian or George came out well from this one, and Dick seems a bit worried about it all. According to the story (Hallo, Rabbit: The Gay Story Book) the boys are Timothy (at the back) and Bob and Peter.

A futuristic cross-over

This is from The New Little Milkman, in The Bright Story Book. What we apparently have is Freddie and his dog Tinker. But really, Eileen Soper has predicted the future and drawn George with Timmy as played by Toddy in the 70s TV series (see below).

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2 Responses to The Five as you have never seen them before, part 2

  1. I’m amazed by the similarities to the illustrations in the Famous Five books. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before. Thank you.

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  2. JohnCNZ says:

    I remember that story about Dick/Jimmy finding the kittens. If I remember correctly he’d got into trouble earlier for losing the basket they’re now occupying. It’s always puzzled me how the mother cat (Tibby) was able, when heavily pregnant and all, to spirit it away unaided or unseen!


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