March 2020 round up

I’m not even sure how to introduce this one, this has been quite the month. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many ‘breaking news’ headlines in so short a time.

What I have read

Thirteen books (so far) isn’t bad – I’d love to say that being in lockdown has vastly increased my reading time, but it really hasn’t.

March’s books:

  • Castle of Books – Alessandro Sanna
  • This Book Can Read Your Mind – Susannah Lloyd
  • A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #2 ) – Jodi Taylor
  • When A Child is Born (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #2.5 ) – Jodi Taylor
  • Kidnap in the Caribbean (Laura Marlin Mysteries #2) – Lauren St John
  • A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #3 ) – Jodi Taylor
  • Roman Holiday (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #3.5 ) – Jodi Taylor
  • Jaws – Peter Benchley
  • The Naughtiest Girl Helps a Friend – Anne Digby, reviewed here
  • A Trail Through Time (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #4 ) – Jodi Taylor
  • Christmas Present (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #4.5 ) – Jodi Taylor
  • No Time Like the Past (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #5 ) – Jodi Taylor
  • Immortal Unchained (Argeneau Vampires #25) – Lynsay Sands

As always I’ve got some on the go that I haven’t finished

  • Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte
  • Child Whispers – Enid Blyton
  • Feminism: Ideas in Profile – Deborah Cameron
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #6) – Jodi Taylor

I didn’t realise how many of the Jodi Taylor books I had listened to until I had to type them out. The new one comes out in two weeks, though, so I’ve got a lot more to get through. Meanwhile I’m not sure why I continue to read the Argeneau books – the series should have ended several books ago!

What I have watched

  • Hollyoaks
  • Only Connect
  • Outlander season five
  • Born to Be Different – I’ve watched this from early on and the children are now in their late teens. I didn’t even know it was back – thankfully my Tivo box recorded it for me.
  • Aladdin (the live action version) and Toy Story 4 as we’ve just signed up to Disney+

What I have done

  • My work closed early in the month so I’ve been at home, mostly.
  • Seeing as I’m ‘working from home’ I’ve started creating a book display every day from things in the house
  • We’ve gone out for a walk most days, just for our own sanity
  • We did have cake out and go to the transport museum before everything closed

What have I bought this month?

I normally only include this if I’ve bought something Blyton-related like a book, but this month I got some storage boxes for my Enid Blytons Magazines. Please excuse the toy-filled living room! The boxes are for A4 paper so fit the journals with a little room around the edges for lifting them out. Two boxes is enough to hold one volume of up to 26 issues.

What has your month looked like?

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3 Responses to March 2020 round up

  1. Great books there! And I love Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St Mary’s but I can’t seem to convince my friends how good they are 🙂


  2. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona, I was wondering how you’ll get new books (you’ve mentioned that they’ll come out in 2 weeks), but then I realized that you probably read e-books. I’ve heard that the postal services either plan to no longer send books and DVD’s or are already doing it, but I’m not sure.

    Our library in Worcester is closed now for 2,5 weeks and I’m reading the books that I’ve ordered just in time before even the postal services will no longer ship DVD’s and books. Once a year I order a lot from, and which co-incided with the Corona Virus crisis.
    My friend from Luebeck, Germany, collects everything for me and then sends me 28 DVD’s and books from both amazons in one sturdy box. But she’s still waiting for one item to arrive from the UK, before she’ll ship the box to the US. It saves me hundreds of Euros of shipping costs ( charges 15 € shipping per item to the US even if I only pay 5 € or 5 £ for a book or a DVD). This way I can beat the system.

    My husband works from home since 16th of March and thank God he can continue to work from home even weeks after Easter (I know Dump intends to send everybody back to work after Easter).
    Other than that not much has changed. I don’t have more spare time than before.

    Shopping has changed. Our super markets in the US open now for a few weeks already between 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. for customers over 60, but each time we notice lots of younger people sneaking inside the stores during that time. I don’t blame them, it’s probably the only time when toilet paper is available (we have enough supplies into May).
    We still are able to walk our dog early in the morning.

    Lets hope they’ll develop a vaccine sooner than later!


    • fiona says:

      I read a lot of ‘real’ books, mostly from the library or ones I’ve been given for Christmas. I never buy new books for myself, though I sometimes buy from charity shops.
      As far as I know Amazon etc are still shipping books but they are taking much longer so they can focus on essential items. The Jodi Taylor books are a series I’ve always bought on kindle as for the first few for 99p and have just continued getting them that way, so I will be able to get it straight away on the 16th.

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