Monday #374

Looking at the schedule I keep online, and comparing it to what I’ve actually posted, something has gone a bit awry. Somehow I a) forgot to finish and publish the lockdown display post number 4 last week, b) didn’t do it this week either, and c) scheduled next week’s fan fiction for yesterday instead. I’d blame lockdown fever, but to be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve mucked up like that!

I will do some double length display posts I think to get caught up a bit!

May round up


Conquering the Castle chapter 2


Lock down library book displays weeks 4 & 5

With lockdown easing slightly for many of us I thought I’d try to get back into some Enid Blyton quotes here.

The train whistled, and chuffed out of the station. The children pressed their noses to the window and watched the dirty houses and the tall chimneys race by. How they hated the town! How lovely it would be to be in the clean country, with flowers growing everywhere, and birds singing in the hedges!

– The Enchanted Wood

While I don’t hate the city I live in I can’t wait to be able to drive (or rather, be driven) the permitted five miles to somewhere a bit more nature-y for a walk.

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