May 2020 round up

This covers week 5-9 of the lockdown (or weeks 6-10 if, like us, you had a week of isolation on top!).

What I have read

14 books this month, making it 73 for the year! If I read a lot in June I could be almost at 100 by halfway through the year!

  • Oz Into the Wild – Christopher Golden
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire – A.M. Robinson
  • Hope for the Best (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #10) – Jodi Taylor
  • When Did You Last See Your Father? (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #10.5) – Jodi Taylor
  • Why is Nothing Ever Simple? (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #10.6) – Jodi Taylor
  • Undead and Unfinished (Undead #9) – MaryJanice Davidson
  • Plan for the Worst (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #11) – Jodi Taylor
  • The Case of Beasts: Explore the Film Wizardry Of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – Mark Salisbury
  • Emerald Star (Hetty Feather #3) – Jacqueline Wilson
  • Undead and Undermined (Undead #10) – MaryJanice Davidson
  • You Can’t Scare Me (Goosebumps #15) – R.L. Stine
  • I Owe You One – Sophie Kinsella
  • Diamond (Hetty Feather #4) – Jacqueline Wilson
  • Five Go Down to the Sea – reviewed here

As always I’ve got some on the go that I haven’t finished

  • A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Time Quintet #3) – Madeleine L’Engle
  • The Burning (Unseen Trilogy #1) – Jeffrey J Mariotte

So I finally finished the Oz book after three attempts and goodness knows how many years. It was OK, but I wouldn’t bother reading it again. I always like books set in the Buffyverse and I really loved Oz as character on screen but he can’t really carry a whole book. Plus the events kinda contradict what is said in the TV series.

I have also finished the entire St Mary’s series. Number 11 was the one that just came out last month. It was amazing. It made me want to go back and read the whole series again to look out for all the little hints that you’d never realise were hints until you read the reveal in this one.

I’m now at the end of where I got to the first time I read the Undead series, though I have no recollection of books 9 and 10. Nine and ten had massive shocks in them and I was just as shocked as if I was reading it for the first time! So onto new books in the series.

What I have watched

  • Hollyoaks but only twice a week
  • Buffy seasons 4-7.
  • The remaining episodes of Outlander season 5, no idea how long it will be until we get another season now.
  • Some of Angel season 1, as when you’ve finished all of Buffy of course you go onto the spin-off series!
  • Blippi as Brodie has become obsessed with him. It’s a guy with a YouTube channel for kids. It’s educational and harmless but pretty annoying! Brodie learned to say Blippi within about two days of watching it but he took 2.5 years to say Mum…
  • The Toy Story films which Brodie loved, and Finding Nemo. He wasn’t so keen on Moana, though.

What I have done

  • A bit more gardening. It hasn’t been the best weather for it and I’ve had to wait until mid-May to plant the seed bombs anyway as we were still getting frosts at night until then. But they’re in now and being watered daily, I have my fingers crossed that something will come up even though they’re in the shade.
  • Ways I have tried to amuse Brodie include: Gummy bear slime – another disaster as he just shouted “sticky! sticky!” and wouldn’t touch it, and a ball drop make of toilet roll tubes. That worked better and he enjoyed dropping coloured pom poms into their matching bowls. We baked cakes from a packet mix (I can’t bake to save my life) and he wouldn’t eat them because the icing was blue. He has done painting, and we both painted rainbows for the living room window.
  • Built Lego things for a virtual lego club, and for Stef’s Enid Blyton library event (I’ll share photos of those in a later blog).
  • Gone on a daily walk for at least an hour
  • Continued with the workouts online. I have done five some weeks! Boxfit, tabata, pilates, body balance, aerobics, dance, yoga, functional fit… if it doesn’t involve high impact I’ve tried it!
  • I started in March but have continued with daily book displays using what I can find around the house.
  • I’m making progress with my cross stitch though I’ve had to sit and unpick it quite far back at least twice when I’ve made a mistake and not noticed.
  • Weekly Zoom and Whatsapp quizzes with my family and Ewan’s. We’ve done Beetle Drive and Countdown to mix it up too.
  • And, just at the end of the month, we have finally been allowed to socialise again (at a distance, of course). We sat in my parents’ garden one afternoon and had Ewan’s parents in our garden the next day.

What has your month looked like?

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1 Response to May 2020 round up

  1. drake richards says:

    For some, lockdown has been one long holiday for others it’s been traumatic


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