Locked down library displays weeks 12 and 13

I’m nearly at the end of these – as I expected I’ve run out of ideas before getting to go back to work.

Day #78

123, ABC

Day #79

Colours and shapes

I had intended to include the first Crayons book; The Day the Crayons Quit but I just couldn’t find it. Of course it was on the shelf the whole time…

Day #80


Quite a few Blytons here;

Centre back is Enid Blyton’s Magazine Annual (the first of four) and beside that the 2015 Famous Five Annual, in the middle row are Enid Blyton’s Bedtime Annual 1978, the 2014 Famous Five Annual and the Famous Five Annual based on the 90s TV series, and the front row has the 2015 Famous Five Annual.

The others are Oor Wullie and Broons annuals, from DC Thompson and published in alternate years since 1939.

Day #81

Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Were there ever a better married book producing pairing than the Ahlbergs? We had so much of their stuff growing up and I’ve tried to get as much as I can for Brodie too.

Here is Peepo! (which he is not interested in at all), Baby’s Big Box of Little Books (which make good stacking material as well as reading), Burglar Bill, Each Peach Pear Plum (one of his favourites), The Clothes Horse and Cops and Robbers.

Other great books by the Ahlbergs include the Jolly Postman series, Funnybones and Happy Families (Mrs Wobble the Waitress and so on).

Day #82


This one was for Stef as she just loves bunnies. Beatrix Potter features, naturally.

Day #83

Former library books – local edition

See, I found The Day the Crayons Quit eventually!

Some of these (The two Roald Dahls and the Margaret Mahy one) were bought by my mum when I was a child. There were many more (several Malory Towers books amongst them) but these are the only ones I took when I moved out.

Most of the rest I have acquired since starting work at the library – too many opportunities to rifle the sale shelf! – and a couple (Sleeper and the Spindle and Mealtime) are from my mother-in-law’s branch as she also worked in a library and had too many opportunities to rifle the sale shelf.

One (a very interesting book called Victory in My Hands by Harold Russell, which is about an American soldier who lost his hands in an explosives accident and who then went on to win two Oscars [even though he wasn’t an actor] for the film The Best Years of Our Lives which was about injured US veterans returning from service) is old enough to have a lengthy set of rules pasted inside which includes advice on what to do if there is a infectious disease in the home.

Day #84

Former library books from further afield

These are books I have bought online (one or two were gifts bought online) and all come from libraries within the UK. I don’t mind ex-library books (I know some people avoid them), in fact I actually find them really interesting. The little green one at the back is particularly interesting as it is from Boots (the chemists) lending libraries which I had never heard of.

Below are a few of the internal library markings from some of these books.

Day #85

Former school library books I should have returned

These were all books I read in high school and somehow never returned, probably because I had enjoyed them! A couple were old enough to have been bought for the schools which merged to become the one I attended a few years before I started there.

The Forbidden Game books I just read for fun (somehow I only stole two of the trilogy, though I borrowed them all, and had to buy the other one later…) the middle two were assigned reading in English and the last was a personal choice to read and write about for English.

Day #86

Books some people keep in the bathroom (but I keep in my hall)

This is the second time I’ve forgotten to include the Famous Five for grown-ups books by Bruno Vincent! Those also live in the hall with other, much funnier, books.

Day #87

Orange you glad I’m still doing these displays?

Some of these look a bit red but I assure you that in real life they are orange!

Blytons are The Secret Mountain, Hurrah for the Circus!, The Second Form at St Clare’s, The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters, The Adventures of Mr Pink-Whistle, The Children of Cherry Tree Farm and Twenty Minute Tales. (It makes me think, though, that each of these has probably been published in a multitude of other colours too. How did they decide what colour to make the boards? Do many series have all the books in the same colour at least for the first edition? If not, why the chopping and changing?)

(Title is from the joke:

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Banana who?
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Banana who?
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

though other versions are also available)

Day #88


I’ve done Buffy and Charmed, so had to also do the Buffy spin-off series! This is my whole collection, though I’m only missing about a dozen as it was a much smaller run of books. (But very consistent in terms of cover style!)

Day #89

Girls’ names

Not quite a baby-names book of books, but a decent list, still. (And of course you can totally use these for boys if that’s what you want to do.)

Katie and Katy
Tyke (short for Theodora)

Day #90

Boys’ names

Again, don’t let my arbitrary categorisation of the names stop you using them for whoever you want! (I’d probably give Dick and Wally a miss either way, though).


Day #91

Think pink

I only had five pink books so the rest I borrowed from my sister (desperate times and all that.)

As 100 doesn’t divide equally into 7 day chunks (not sure why I didn’t consider that when I started these posts!) the next and final post will be week 14 plus a couple o days.

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3 Responses to Locked down library displays weeks 12 and 13

  1. chrissie777 says:

    The Famous Five Annuals from 2014, 2015 and 2016 are the best. They have lots of Soper illustrations which I missed in the previous FF annuals.

    I wonder what the Barbie book is about?


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