Letters to Enid 23: From volume 2 issue 11

It has been a long time since I last did a letters to Enid post. To tell the truth I am missing volume 2 issues 14 and 15 and have been wary of doing more posts and then running out of consecutive issues! I have been trying my best to source those missing ones but with no luck so far. Anyway, I decided I might as well do issues 11-13 while still hunting.

If anyone has those volumes and could send me a scan or photo of the letters page(s) I’d be eternally grateful!

Previous letters pages can be found here.

Letters page from Volume 2, issue 11. May 26th – June 8th, 1954.



 1. A letter from Jennifer Snell, 183 Broad Lane, Coventry.
Dear Enid Blyton,
One Sunday, we were having our dinner when Daddy had a phone-call telling him that some monkeys had escaped from a circus, so he went to see if he could find any, and took us with him. While Daddy was talking to some people we suddenly saw two of the monkeys up a tree, and we coaxed them down with an orange. It must have been a surprise to passers-by to see 13 or 14 monkeys looking down at them!
Love from
Jennifer Snell.

(What an adventure, Jennifer! I shall have to put your monkeys into a story!)

2. A letter from Maureen Ainslie, aged six, 5 Market Road, Chirnside, Berwicks.
Dear Enid Blyton,
The kitten in your book “The Laughing Kitten” is exactly the same as my Sally, and when I let her see the picture she started to purr!
With much love from

(She must be a darling if she is like the “Laughing Kitten”, Maureen!)

3. A letter from  Patrick Armstrong, St. Mark’s Vicarage, Newnham, Cambridge.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I like our magazine very much, especially “The Children at Green Meadows,” as I am a Scout. I am interested in Nature, so I am fond of the Nature-lovers’ Corners. These I cut out and colour and mount in an exercise book – and then I have my own Nature Book!
Peter Armstrong.

(I pass on your excellent idea to other Nature-lovers, Peter. Thank you!)

4. A letter from  Shirley Allen, 65 Prote Mateje, Belgrade.
Dear Enid Blyton,
This is an International School, and we have children from eleven different countries. They all like your magazine very much. I had a sale of comics and magazines at school and I raised £1 7s. od. for the Sunbeams; please forward it for me.
Shirley Allen.

(Thank you, Shirley. I was interested to hear about your school. Give the children out best wishes, please.)

Two more unusual letters this time – one from a boy and one from outside of the UK.

I love that Enid chooses such mundane letters such as ‘I have a kitten like one in your book’ because these things are so important to little children. At the same time it’s also nice to read the more exciting letters about escaped circus monkeys! Can anyone think of any stories that she might have based on Jennifer’s letter?

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3 Responses to Letters to Enid 23: From volume 2 issue 11

  1. Dear Fiona,

    No, I don’t remember writing any books involving monkeys, and none of the monkeys were called Miranda anyway, and the monkey certainly didn’t belong to a circus boy, and he definitely wasn’t called Barney. Nor did he live in Rockingdown; and he never visited that Fair at Riloby.

    Also, I never heard of Mr Galliano, and he never had a Circus — nor a Circus Day. Hurrah!

    Love from


  2. Thought this might be of interest to you, if you haven’t seen it before.

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