Monday #411

We ended up with at least a foot of snow falling in the first few days of last week, snow that’s hung around all week due to the low temperatures. It is supposed to be warm today – up to 9 degrees, so no more sledging but at least we might be able to walk on the pavements again!

The Five Find-Outers covers through the years


Five Go to Mystery Moor part 2

“You know, it’s a lot better for us when Mr. Johnson makes sandwiches of tomato or lettuce or something like that. We do get them all then – but when we have meat or sardine or egg sandwiches Timmy gets as much as we do!”

Henry (Henrietta) laments Timmy’s appetite in Five Go to Mystery Moor.


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  1. Sean J Hagins says:

    Hi, Fiona. Sorry to bother you here again, but did you see my email?



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