Monday #412

Unfortunately my laptop has gone and died on me this week. I think it’s the harddrive as it’s making funny noises and won’t boot up properly. I’ve booked it in for a repair today, so I will hopefully have it back by next week, if not I hope they can recover all my files and I will have to buy a new one.

In the mean time I am typing this on my partner’s work laptop. It seems to work fine with WordPress so I am going to try to still blog this week. Of course I’ll only discover that some crucial feature doesn’t work as I go to work on a post, so this week’s proposed posts may or may not materialise. We will just have to see!

Already I’m being driven nuts by the keyboard layout – the = is exactly where my fingers think the backspace should be, so every time I make a mistake (which is often) I add a few =s for good measure then have to delete the lot. Still, beggars can’t be choosers, and a badly placed = key is better than no keys at all.

Stef has kindly offered to make a brief return to blogging to share her Corfe Castle photos on Wednesday so that’s one less thing for me to worry about.

The Famous Five are so lucky they never had to deal with these sorts of modern problems…

A visit to Corfe Castle


Five Go to Mystery Moor part 3

It’s that fool of an Antoinette! She’s cleaned my shoes with my best face-cream! Oh, the idiot! All that lovely cream gone – gone on my shoes too!

Angela discovers one of Antoinette’s tricks in Fifth Formers of St Clare’s.


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2 Responses to Monday #412

  1. chrissie777 says:

    André’s computer is at the repair shop for almost 3 weeks now. They ordered the part in early February, but it got lost in Oklahoma on the way to the east coast. Now they ordered a new part. Thanks to Corona USPS (the American mail system) is taking three or four times as long as it used to take.

    I’m looking forward to Stef’s Corfe Castle pics.
    Did she ever explore and take pics of the Jurassic Coast near Corfe Castle? It’s incredibly beautiful.


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