Monday #415

In Scotland we are now allowed to meet in groups of four outdoors, and it’s even getting almost warm enough to sit outside comfortably!

The Faraway Tree covers through the years


Five Have Plenty of Fun

The real Green Hedges, Enid’s home from 1938 until shortly before her death in 1968, was demolished in 1973. However there is a perfect miniature of it which can be found in the Bekonscot less than half a mile away from where the real Green Hedges once stood.

The miniature even has a tiny Enid, typing away in the garden, though sometimes (perhaps on rainy days) she moves to the covered porch.

Obviously Bekonscot is closed at the moment but hopefully it will reopen when the rules allow because it’s a lovely place, with a lot more to offer than just Blyton’s house.


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