Monday #420

Since my last Monday post not only has the weather suddenly improved (most likely temporarily, of course, as this is Scotland), but some of our restrictions have been lifted earlier than anticipated. This means we can meet in slightly larger groups (6 people) outside and also travel outwith our local authority area. Hooray!

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Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 3

And then Ern behaved magnificently… He reached up a hand and swept a whole row of kettles and pans off the shelf just above him. They clattered to the floor with an awful din, and startled the two men out of their wits. Then Ern leapt up into the air, hands above his head, and moaned in a horrible, hollow voice, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” The two men took to their heels and raced out of the kitchen door.

This is from The Mystery of the Strange Messages but I found it in an advert for the book in Enid Blyton’s Magazine.




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1 Response to Monday #420

  1. Dale Vincero, Brisbane Australia says:

    Thanks Fiona for Chapter 3 of “Cunningham and Petrov”


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