Monday #423

It has rained pretty much every day the past week, and it’s due to keep on raining for another few days. In fact it has hailstoned on more than one occasion, I think the weather gods have forgotten that it’s MAY and not January. Bring on better weather and the ability to meet people indoors (May 17 here).

Five on a Secret Trail


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 6

Newly published last month but only now available to buy, Enid Blyton: The Untold Story is a new look at Enid Blyton’s teaching and writing career. The name suggests salacious rumour along the naked tennis lines, but the content delivers well-researched information about Enid Blyton’s less well-known works. It focusses primarily on her educational output including plays, poems, teaching syllabi, nature and gardening books, though it touches on her novels too.

It’s not cheap at £25 but it is a substantial book with various photographs and good-quality reproductions of many magazine pages etc in the appendices. I’m going to review it soon if you’d like to know more before you buy.


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  1. chrissie777 says:

    Too bad, I’m having the usual trouble with checking your answer. I click on the bell at the top right, but it doesn’t open up.


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