Monday #431

So here I am sitting writing this for tomorrow when I realise that today is in fact Monday, and not Sunday. I knew that tomorrow was Tuesday but somehow that didn’t clue in to the fact that today was Monday…

Anyway, welcome to July on the blog. I have started the month on a weeks’ annual leave, though today was spent self-isolating after taking Brodie to get tested as he is full of the cold and coughing badly. Can I use that as an excuse for not knowing what day it is?

June round up


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 14

“But where’s the caravan gone?” asked Susy-Ann, in amazement. And then suddenly she saw it!

“Look! she said. “It’s gone out to sea!”

And sure enough, floating on the water like a Noah’s Ark, there was Madame Clara’s adventurous caravan!

Thankfully Madame Clara was not aboard at the time, and the caravan was able to be rescued even if it was a bit wet and sea-weedy after. From Boys’ and Girls’ Circus Book (reprinted as Enid Blyton’s Circus Book).



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3 Responses to Monday #431

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Speedy recovery for Brodie. Hopefully it’s just a cold.


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