Monday #442

I’m still working on all those ideas that my holiday gave me, one of which will be up this week. Meanwhile the weather is turning cooler and wetter, though we’ve had a couple of warm sunny days, and the leaves are starting to fall. Summer is definitely passing into autumn!

The Adventure Series on the Nintendo DS


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 22

The New Big Noddy Book (#6, though none of them have an actual number on the cover or anything) is another one I bought on holiday. Brodie was really excited as it has a fire truck on the cover. (No matter how often I say it’s a fire engine he persists in calling it a truck – I blame Blippi!).

This week I offered to read him the fire engine story (the aptly named Noddy and the Fire-Engine) and what happened was I ended up reading the entire book, which took nearly an hour. As soon as I finished one story he was saying ‘read another one!’. When I finished he turned to me and said ‘Read it all again, Mummy!” I declined, and he asked his auntie to read it when she came over but settled for telling her the stories using the pictures. He then wanted it at the next three bedtimes and had to accept just one or two stories each time. It’s now in his bedroom in his pile of bedtime stories so I’m not sure if or when I’ll get it back!

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