Monday #450

Last week I managed to post the right things, so I’m hoping that will happen again this week. My 2021 gift guide is more or less finished, I just need to agree a night (or nights) with Stef to write chapter 30, as we are generally back to writing each chapter just a day or two before it gets posted.

Tomorrow marks the start of Book Week Scotland (I’m now wondering if there’s a similar thing in England or other parts of the world). The library service I work for is holding some events – actual in-person events! – and there will be hundreds more across the country.

Christmas gift guide for 2021


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 30

“Can’t have them. Don’t mind the parrot,” said Uncle Jocelyn. “Keep the parrot if you want it. Send it away if you don’t. I’m busy.”

Uncle Jocelyn initially refuses to have the children – though Polly can keep the parrot if she wants! I thought of this line this week as I am currently watching the 1980s movie of The Island of Adventure and Uncle Jocelyn says something very similar.

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5 Responses to Monday #450

  1. Amy says:

    Exciting news!
    Malory towers returns for Season 2! SOOOO excited!

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  2. Yes, we have something similar in the Netherlands: “Boekenweek” (Book-Week) for adults complete with a “Book-Week Gift” (special book gift from a certain writer, when you buy for a minimum of £7 books) + free travel with the train on the Sunday of the book-week, when you can show the book-gift! And the week starts with a Book Ball for invited guests and authors. There is also a Book-Week on a different date especially for children / children’s books. Greetings, Hans


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