Monday #453

Having just noticed that there was no Monday #452 published last week, I endeavoured to solve the mystery and investigated behind the scenes in WordPress. I could not find an unpublished draft, a post published with the wrong date or any evidence that such a post ever existed so I’m forced to conclude that what happed was I forgot to write one. Not exactly a mystery worthy of Fatty, then.

I’d like to blame the festive season but we all know that I make mistakes like that all year round! Talking of festive, I don’t actually have anything festive lined up this week. I have a few ideas but they need more work before they’d be ready.

If you like Blyton: The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner


The Island of Adventure: The 1980s TV movie

Christmas Eve at Kirrin Cottage—and the Five were all there together! They were up in the boys’ bedroom, wrapping Christmas presents in bright paper. Timmy was very excited, and nosed about the room, his long tail wagging in delight.

‘Don’t keep slapping my legs with your tail, Tim,’ said Anne. ‘Look out, George, he’s getting tangled up with your ball of string!’

‘Don’t look round, Anne, I’m wrapping up your present,’ said Dick. ‘There’ll be a lot to give out this Christmas, with all of us here—and everyone giving everyone else something!’

– Happy Christmas, Five!

Ignoring what happens later in this story (with presents being stolen in the night) this still sounds like a bit of a stressful Christmas to me. The Five not only wait until Christmas Eve to wrap their presents but they wrap them with the recipient(s) in the same room! Even I try to have my presents wrapped before Christmas Eve.


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