Monday #455

For those of you who love Five Get Into a Fix and were eagerly awaiting my review (I like to at least pretend there are people out there that feel that way about my blog, OK?) I’m sorry it failed to materialise, it was just one of those weeks.

I’m going to try again this week – as in, at least get the book off the shelf and start reading it but I’m making no promises as there are only five days to Christmas and you know what that means. Wrapping, last-minute shopping, more wrapping, the big food shop, cleaning and tidying, trying to cram in at least a few wholesome Christmas activities for Brodie…

The Book Lovers’ Miscellany +/- Blyton


Five Get Into a Fix

I’ve shared this one before, but I love it. From The Christmas-Tree Party (Tricky the Goblin and Other Stories, 1950) this one shows Janey watching the goings on in the house across the street. Although that might sound slightly creepy (Rear Window, anyone?) it means she’s in place to spot the Christmas tree about to fall over onto the dining table which has been set for a party. Thanks to her warning the neighbours she is nicely rewarded.

But enough about the story! The illustration is very obviously Eileen Soper (I think Janey is the spit of a young Anne) and I love her patterned jumper, though with different colours added to different pages (she’s alternately in pink, red and black/white) it looks like Janey changes outfits every hour.




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1 Response to Monday #455

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Fiona
    We are all busy this time of the year.
    I read all your blogs, though I probably forget to add a like on each one.
    Merry Xmas to you and Brodie


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