Monday #457

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good Christmas. We kept our celebrations small, though not really any smaller than usual, and were glad to be able to mix freely with our immediate families unlike last year.

We are now into 2022 a year which will hopefully be better than either of the previous two.

The weather has started out very mild – making the traditional loony dook perhaps a mite more attractive than it would have been for our intrepid university students back in 1951. Perhaps we will still get snow at some point, though, perhaps even before I finish Five Get Into a Fix which I have been promising for a few weeks.

December round up


Five Get Into a Fix

New things are lovely, but a New Year, a whole, brand-new year, is a glorious thing to have. And there’s a New Year for everyone, too… a new year for you, and one for me.

I usually get quite maudlin on Hogmanay, thinking of another year over, but not so the past two years. I’ve been quite glad to see the back of both 2020 and 2021. Perhaps the hope for 2021 was a bit misplaced, but surely 2022 cannot be anything but better than the past two years?

The above quote is from Blyton’s From My Window column  in The Teachers World, from December 31 1924. I wonder what 1925 brought Enid.

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