Monday #460

After taking my sweet time to begin reviewing Five Get Into a Fix I then wrote about 2,000 words about Aily last week. I would say that this week’s post will be more succinct, but that’d be a lie.

Enid Blyton greetings cards


Five Get Into a Fix part 3

“Ooh yes – we’ve brought some exciting ones away with away with us,” said Bob, remembering. “I’ll get them. They are all abut seven children who make a Secret Society and have Adventures.”

He brought out three books and gave one to Ralph. “Here you are – ‘Secret Seven Adventure’.”

A little plug for Blyton’s own books in The Adventure of the Secret Necklace. I enjoy how the discreet mention of the seven children in a Secret Society wasn’t enough – she even name dropped one of the other titles right after.

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