Monday #461

With the first month of 2022 almost over already this week will be a very round one, by that I mean I am posting two round-ups, one rather overdue.

January round up


2021 birthday and Christmas present round up

Enid Blyton –  A Literary Life by Andrew Maunder has finally made it into my hands (long story) so I think it deserves to be book of the week. I highlighted it in my Christmas gift guide for 2021 as it just came out at the start of December. I quoted from the blurb then and I’ll just do so again now:

This book is a study of the best-selling writer for children Enid Blyton (1897-1968) and provides a new account of her career. It draws on Blyton’s business correspondence to give a fresh account of a misunderstood figure who for forty years was one of Britain’s most successful and powerful authors. It examines Blyton’s rise to fame in the 1920s and considers the ways in which she managed her career as a storyteller, journalist and magazine editor.

Naturally I plan to read and review this when I get a chance!

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