Monday #464

It is back to just me writing this week, and although I was able to come up with two posts fairly easily it has taken me until 11.30pm on Monday night to write this. If I’m lucky I’ll get it finished before midnight and actually publish it on Monday still.

A guide to Enid Blyton reference books


New Class at Malory Towers part 2

Eunice!’ said Daisy. ‘Goodness, what an unusual name. But look at the clock, Fatty—you won’t be in time to meet them—it’s eleven-forty-five already!’

‘Oh, my goodness!’ cried Fatty, leaping to his feet. ‘I must go. No, it’s all right. That clock’s fast. What about you all coming with me to the station and seeing what our dear Eunice is like? Come on!’

They paid the bill hurriedly and went out of the little shop, all looking gloomy. Yes—no wonder Fatty felt fed-up. Blow Eunice—she would spoil everything!

With storm Eunice having blown through this past week I thought that this was an apt quote!

mystery of the missing man eunice tolling

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