Monday #470

A bit late in the day, but I was drawing a blank on what to write about! I’ve finally come up with something, though.

PS, yes, Friday’s post was an April Fool’s. Sadly Stephen King has no plans to write a Famous Five book (at least, not that I know of).

Enid Blyton references in other fiction


If you like Blyton: Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers

Peter considered. “We can’t go chasing over the countryside looking for all the scarecrows in the fields!”

“Yes, we can,” said Colin. “Quite easily. All we’ve got to do is to separate, and bike all over the place, and whenever we see a scarecrow, get off and see if anyone has been disturbing the ground by it. I bet whatever is hidden is well dug-in beside a scarecrow.”

Oh yes, of course, Colin. I’m sure it will be extremely easy to bike miles around the countryside and that the very scarecrow you want will be visible from the road, and not in a field behind some trees or a small hill. Or indeed, behind a farm-house.

As it happens they do find the scarecrow, but only because they hear from Peter and Janet’s mother that a scarecrow on their own farm – which they can see from their windows – has had someone walking over the crops around it.

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