Monday #471

I’m excited to say that there’s a copy of Zöe Billings’ next book sitting in my inbox, ready for me to proof-read. It’s the April holidays so I haven’t managed to open it yet because I want to wait for when I can get really stuck in. I can’t wait to see what the four kids get up to next. Unfortunately for you, I’ll leave my review until I’ve read the properly published version.

Enid Blyton’s Enchanted World: Bizzy and the Bedtime Bear by Elise Allen


The Dirty Dozen of search terms

They all went up the road together, the man hunched up in his bulky coat. He pulled his scarf over his chin as they met the wind at a corner.

“We are soon at Grintriss?” he asked, anxiously. “This wind is too—too—”

“Too windy?” said Pip, obligingly. “That’s the worst of winds. They’re always so windy.”

Pip, thinking he is talking to Fatty in disguise, is a bit cheekier than he would have otherwise been.


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