Monday #473

I go through phases on the blog where I have loads of ideas and can’t get them published fast enough. Then I go through a phase where I’ve used all those ideas and I’m floundering for others. There are always books to review but those mean committing to actually reading the chosen book in the week before the post is due up.

I’m committing this week, though, as the last Naughtiest Girl continuations have been sitting in my house for over two years now and it’s time to subject myself to them and get them returned to the library.

The most misleading Blyton book covers


The Naughtiest Girl Wants to Win

Dick, Juliet and Robert loved the girl next door, but their mother didn’t.

“I never knew such a tomboy!” she said. Always climbing trees and tearing her clothes and shouting and playing cowboys and Indians and goodness knows what!”

I rather like the sound of Tessie, That Girl Next Door! In fact she sounds a little like Robin, The Boy Next Door, though she only gets a short story about her rather than a whole book.

The quote is taken from Summer Stories, a recent collection so I should really try to check the original wording if I can.


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