My Enid Blyton hallway

I have shared a couple of photos of my hall already, when I showed off what I got for Christmas in 2020, but those photos don’t show everything I have up.

The postcards

This is the bit I’ve shared before, so feel free to skip it.

Top row is Corfe Castle and then an RAF one which I like to think shows Julian and Dick (Julian doing his national service and Dick who did his then went on to have a career in the RAF).

Second row are both Corfe Castle.

Third row is Church Stretton, and the inspiration for the Ingles’ Farm in the Lone Pine books by Malcom Saville (so Blyton adjacent), an arty photo of a goblin perhaps escaping and a Noddy book, then a quote from Albert Einstein about libraries.

The fourth row is not Blyton, but one from Gillian Gamble who has strong Dundee and St Andrews connections, and two from the Bodleian.

The fifth row starts with a hidden Gillian Gamble, then a modern cover from The Naughtiest Girl and another from the Bodleian. Below that is another Corfe castle.

On the opposite wall are my Famous Five postcards. There are 30 in total but a 5×5 grid worked best in the space, and the remaining ones wouldn’t have matched the layout as there were 11 headed book covers, 5 unheaded covers and 14 illustrations. These (like the other postcards) are all just stuck up with Blu Tack, though I have to stick various corners back down quite often. I really should get a proper frame for them.

Cards and posters

Below the Corfe postcards I have a poster of Malory Towers book covers from the 1960s. This I got for free as I’d bought Stef a mug and when it came the handle was broken. The seller resent it but included a couple of posters by way of apology. I sent Stef one and kept one myself.

Below that are two cards with covers from the Famous Five for Grown Ups books by Bruno Vincent. I think I might actually have more than two of these but at least one is a duplicate.

The dog chalkboard represents Mackie from the Lone Pine books (though I guess it could be Buster too!) while the quote is from Mean Girls. Because who doesn’t like a mash up of genres?

Between the living room and bedroom door is a narrow bit of wall just big enough for my Famous Five Annual poster.


I don’t have any actual Enid Blyton books in the hall but it is where I keep my Bruno Vincents, as they don’t deserve to grace my actual bookshelves.

Last but not least

A photo of me and Stef at Old Thatch taken way back in 2012. In a frame decorated for me by Stef, no less.

Where do you display your Blyton stuff?

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2 Responses to My Enid Blyton hallway

  1. chrissie777 says:

    My husband built a special bookcase for my 235 EB books and I have spread out the things we bought at the Ginger Pop Shop in 2008 on top of the book case and on top of the books in the shelves. I would attach a photo of the bookcase, but I don’t think it can be done here. I’ll try to send it via Facebook message.


  2. Dale Vincero, Brisbane Australia says:

    I don’t display my EB books, but your showing is quite impressive, Fiona.


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