Monday #491

That’s us into September now and the days are rainier (though still fairly warm) and the nights are getting darker much earlier.

How much Blyton have I actually read in the past ten years?


The Enid Blyton Society Journal

Mr. Phillipino and his daughter Annabella came in first, riding in a golden carriage pulled by four tiny white ponies. Phillipino jumped out of the carriage when it had gone twice round the ring and stood in the middle, cracking his great whip. In came the beautiful black horses he owned, pawing the ground gracefully, tossing their plumed heads, cantering round and round the ring after the carriage.

Annabella leapt from the carriage, which was taken out by the ponies, and jumped on to one of the black horses. A glittering youth rode another. Then in came the three clowns, turning somersaults and cart-wheels among the horses, shouting and yelling.

Out went the horses, and the clowns ran round on the red plush ring itself, whilst a procession of performers came in—Terry the sharp-shooter and his beautiful wife, Juana the famous sword-swallower, Jinks and Jenks the wonderful trapeze-folk, Madame Clara and her three parrots sitting on her shoulder, Mr. Hola and his two chimpanzees who walked by him, fully dressed, holding his hands, Delia and her Dancing Bear, and last of all the three great elephants, Rag, Tag, and Bobtail, with their proud keeper, Mr. Jummy.

Susy-Ann and Pip see the circus for the first time in Boys’ and Girls’ Circus Book (reprinted later as Enid Blyton’s Circus Book).



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1 Response to Monday #491

  1. nlgbbbblth says:

    God, that brings back memories. Read it once, a borrowed copy. Presume the Enid Blyton’s Circus Book title is the more common variant?


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