How many Enid Blyton books have I actually read in the last ten years?

As someone who writes upwards of 2,000 words a week about all things Blytonian, I feel that I actually don’t read an awful lot of her books! At least nowhere near as many as I used to.

So I thought I’d have a look and see how many I’ve actually read since I began keeping record in 2012.


I only began recording books in April 2012 – the first month’s record was on a page in a notebook which I think I still have somewhere. Then I discovered Goodreads and never looked back!

Stef and I didn’t start this blog until November 2012 so from April-October I was just reading whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then from November came the reviews! I think I was still buying a lot of Blytons around this time, filling in gaps in my collection and also starting to collect series that were completely new to me. Some (old favourites) I read straight away which would account for the random Famous Fives in 2012, others may have sat on my shelves for some time before I got around to trying them out.

Mr Galliano’s Circus
Mister Meddle’s Muddles
Fun For the Secret Seven

*Enid Blyton at Old Thatch (I had visited Old Thatch after the 2012 Enid Blyton day and bought this from Jackie.)
The Little Tree House
The Further Adventures of Josie Click and Bun
Josie, Click and Bun Again
More About Josie, Click and Bun
Welcome Josie, Click and Bun
Merry Mister Meddle
Well, Really Mr Twiddle

Hello, Mr Twiddle
Five Go Off In a Caravan

The Valley of Adventure
The Blue Story Book

The Mystery of Banshee Towers – I had finally managed to buy a handback of this after a long time searching.

The Christmas Book
The Secret Seven

So from that list I can see that I had completed the Josie, Click and Bun series and then read them all, and I must have been buying Mr Twiddle and Mr Meddle books too! Possibly even the Secret Sevens as I don’t think I would have read two random ones otherwise.

As the Old Thatch book is about Blyton rather than by her I’ve listed it but not counted it in the total.

2012 total – 17
overall total – 17


It seems like I continued buying and reading Blyton’s fantasy books in 2013 with my first reads of Mr Pink-Whistle, The Wishing Chair, and re-reads of an old favourite, Amelia Jane.

*Who’s Who in Enid Blyton

Humpty Dumpty and Belinda
The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters

Mr Pink-Whistle’s Party
Bimbo and Topsy
The Adventures of the Wishing Chair

Five Have a Puzzling Time and Other Stories

Naughty Amelia Jane

Amelia Jane Again!

More About Amelia Jane
Five on a Treasure Island – this was me reading two copies at once to compare them but I’ll only count it once!

2013 total = 10
overall total = 27


This is the year I started my Noddy collection and was reading them as I bought them, so in entirely the wrong order!

*The Famous Five Annual 2014

Hurrah for Little Noddy

Noddy Gets Into Trouble
Noddy and His Car
First Term at Malory Towers – comparing two versions again

You Funny Little Noddy
Noddy and the Bumpy Dog

Noddy Goes to Sea
Do Look Out Noddy!
The Secret Island – another comparison

Noddy Goes to Toyland
Here Comes Noddy Again
The Island of Adventure – yet another comparison

Well Done, Noddy
Father Christmas and Belinda

Well I certainly didn’t let any of my Blytonian reading go to waste this year!

2014 total =14
overall total = 41


In 2015 I carried on buying and reading Noddy books which account for most of the titles on the list.

Noddy Goes to School

Noddy at the Seaside
*The Famous Five Annual 2015

Noddy and the Magic Rubber
The Amelia Jane Bumper Book

Be Brave Little Noddy

Noddy Has an Adventure

You’re a Good Friend, Noddy!

Noddy and the Bunkey

Noddy Goes to the Fair

Mr Plod and Little Noddy
Noddy and the Tootles
Noddy: A Classic Treasury

*The Famous Five Adventure Game book 2

Noddy and the Aeroplane
The Twins at St Clare’s – comparing two editions

Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories

2015 total = 15
overall total = 56



Into the third year of Noddy books now, ending with the Christmas one which I read, rather unseasonably, in the summer. Then I started reviewing the Barney Mysteries, which at least I already had!

*Famous Five Annual 2016

The Rockingdown Mystery

The Rilloby Fair Mystery

Cheer Up Little Noddy!
The Ring O’ Bells Mystery
Noddy and Tessie Bear

The Rubadub Mystery
Noddy Meets Father Christmas

The Rat-a-Tat Mystery
The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage – comparing two editions

The Ragamuffin Mystery
Real Fairies – a little gem I found tucked away in the library stacks

Five on a Treasure Island – I gave the Jan Francis audiobook a go

2016 total = 12
overall total = 68


I seem to have almost abandoned series completely in 2017 and gone for stand-alone titles.

Those Dreadful Children

The Children at Green Meadows

The Treasure Hunters

The Saucy Jane Family – another comparison. Usually I do the first book in a series but I found a cheap omnibus edition that for some reason started with book 2.
The Zoo Book

And then Brodie was born and very little reading of any kind was done!

2017 total = 5
overall total = 73


Once the immediate new born period was over I managed to get back to both reading and blogging, though not really at the rate I had managed before.

The Enchanted Wood – the very first time I read this if you can believe it.

The Magic Faraway Tree – another first, though I still haven’t read The Folk of the Faraway Tree or Up the Faraway Tree.

The Secret of Cliff Castle

Five on a Treasure Island – the third time I’ve read this since 2012, this time for a review

Five Go Adventuring Again – the first non-Treasure-Island Five I have read since at least 2011.

The Secret Island – the second time I’ve read The Secret Island but this time on audiobook.

Five Run Away Together
*Jolly Good Food
The Naughtiest Girl in the School – a comparison of the texts

Five Go to Smuggler’s Top – my all-time favourite Blyton book, but the first time I’d read it in at least 7 years.

2018 total = 9
overall total =82


I read over 120 books in 2019 so it seems shameful that only five of them were Blytons! Though I did read at least ten books that were continuations or recommendations for Blyton fans.

Five Go Off in a Caravan

Five on Kirrin Island Again

Five Go Off to Camp

Five Get Into Trouble

Five Fall Into Adventure

2019 total = 5
over all total = 87


If I thought five was bad for 2019, it was only four in 2020! I think in the throes of the pandemic I really couldn’t face reading about idyllic coastal adventures while I was trapped at home.

Five on a Hike Together

Five Go Down to the Sea

Five Have a Wonderful Time

The Island of Adventure – my second read since 2012, this time on audio

2020 total = 4
overall total = 91


Five Go to Mystery Moor

Five Have Plenty of Fun
*Enid Blyton the Untold Story

Five on a Secret Trail

Chimney Corner Stories

New Big Noddy Book #6 – I found this on holiday and ended up reading it to Brodie a few times as one of the stories is about a fire-engine. I’ve only counted it once, though!

Five Go to Billycock Hill

2021 total = 6
overall total = 97


2022 isn’t over yet but I will have to get a move on if I don’t want it to be my worst-ever in terms of Blytons read! Maybe I will even break 100!

It’s crazy that by this point there are still Famous Fives I haven’t read in ten years!

Five Get Into a Fix

Five on Finniston Farm

2002 total = 2
overall total = 99

What isn’t on the list

Well, of course anything I haven’t read isn’t on the list. Strangely this includes most of my favourite Blyton series – apart from the books I have done comparisons on I haven’t read Malory Towers, The Adventure Series or The Secret Series. In TEN years! I know time flies but sheesh, I used to read these through every few years.

Maybe once I finish the Famous Five reviews I will start on one of the above series, and probably take a few years to get through them all.

What’s also missing are all the continuation books I’ve read which include six Naughtiest Girls by Anne Digby, two Malory Towers by Pamela Cox, a Secret Seven by Pamela Butchart, several Famous Fives by Bruno Vincent… and various books I’ve read and recommended for my ‘if you like Blyton‘ series.

A further bit of maths

I’m terrible at maths so I’m going to strain myself here (and use a calculator!)

I wondered what sort of percentages Blyton books made each year…

2012 – 17/108 =15.7%
2013 – 10/129 =7.75%
2014 – 14/189 =7.4%
2015 – 15/139 = 10.8%
2016 – 12/162 = 7.4%
2017 – 5/107 = 4.6%
2018 – 9/98 = 9.1%
2019 – 5/121 = 4.1%
2020 – 4/166 = 2.4%
2021 – 6/121 5%
2022 – 2/90 (so far) 2.2%


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  1. thunderwings says:

    It’s probably fair to say that you are a fan of Enid’s work. Lol.


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