Monday #495

My weekend seemed to go past at whirlwind speed and I completely forgot about writing a Monday post on Sunday evening.

I have at last remembered that today is Monday, though.

September round up


Five Go to Demon’s Rocks part three

This week’s location isn’t from the books, or even inspiration for the books. But it is one of my favourite places and having gone on about lighthouses rather a lot over the past weeks, I thought why not have some more? Stef and I used to put up photos every Monday so it will be nice to revisit that even if it’s just for today.

The lighthouse nearest the camera is the Tayport Low lighthouse, formerly used to guide ships into the River Tay. The Tayport High (or West) lighthouse is still operational, and is just a few minutes’ walk along the river bank. The Low lighthouse was replaced by the Tayport Pile lighthouse (a strange boxy thing on legs in the river) which is also not operational any more.

We like visiting this bit of stony beach on our walk. Brodie loves to go ‘rock climbing’ and digging with his vehicles.

As for me, I love it as it’s a great place to find sea-glass and pottery as well as being very beautiful. The lighthouse is in the garden of a house on the low cliff, and I’m very jealous. I’d love to live there with my own lighthouse, and have my own back gate right onto the beach.




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2 Responses to Monday #495

  1. thunderwings says:

    Oh yes! to the fossicking on the seashore. I’ve found some gorgeous seaglass recently. Clear and a bottle green colour. No pottery I’m afraid!! That piece you found, looks 19th Century or later perhaps?


    • Fiona says:

      I like sea glass (and have collected quite a lot), I like finding bottle necks and bottoms, or bits with writing on them.
      The pottery with the writing on it seems to date from 1954 or later – (bottom entry). The top piece is likely to be older as the older pottery is the more ‘crazed’ or ‘cracked’ the surface generally is.


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