Letters to Enid 25: From volume 2 issue 13

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         Letters page from Volume 2, issue 13.          June 23rd – July 6, 1954.



 1. A letter from the “Famous Five,” c/o Jennifer Cloy, Station House, Glenluce, Wigtownshire.
Dear Miss Blyton,
At our Sale we sold candy, lemonade and cake, and a lot of our old toys, books and games. All the children from our classes at school came to buy things. There are five of us and so we call ourselves “The Famous Five”. We arranged the Sale and sold all the things ourselves. We hope to have a Fete in the summer too, for the Sunshine Homes.
Yours sincerely
Jennifer Cloy.

(Splendid, Famous Five! Julian, Dick, Anne George and Timmy couldn’t have done better!)

2. A letter from Jose Greenwood, Kingsthorpe, Victoria Road, Stamford.
Dear Enid Blyton,
In the summer Mummy bought me a clock golf set, and I set it out on the lawn. I invited all my friends and I charged them 1/2d a round. We called it the “Kingsthorpe Golf Club” and I made two shillings which I am sending to you for your Blind Children. We are soon going to open the Club again.
Yours sincerely,
Jose Greenwood

(What a marvellous idea, Jose! I shall come and have a 1/2d round if ever I am in Stamford!)

3. A letter from Jeanette Blyth, 49 Dene Lane, Fulwell, Sunderland
Dear Enid Blyton,
The other day my Mummy put a mat out on the lawn. It had only been there a few minutes when a lot of little sparrows came down. I watched, very still – then they all began to pull at the mat and got little fluffy bits of wool. You would have laughed to see them pulling and pulling at the mat. Then they flew away with the bits of wool to make their nests.
Love from
Jeanette Blyth

(A most interesting letter, Jeanette. What fun you must have had!)

So this week the top two letters are money-raising ones. I’ve mentioned my cynicism before and continue to wonder if those sorts of letters were frequently chosen in order to encourage more children to fundraise.

We also have a letter from a boy – which continues to be uncommon. I had to Google ‘clock golf’ which turns out to be a putting game where players putt a golf ball from each in turn of 12 numbered points arranged in a circle to a single hole placed within the circle. You can add obstacles and the hole can be placed anywhere in the circle, it doesn’t have to be dead centre.

I admit I do like Jeanette’s letter – it perfectly encompasses the way that children were so keen to share often trivial stories with Blyton. Of course Blyton was interested in nature and probably enjoyed the letter but it’s one of those little occurrences that isn’t normally worth the price of a stamp!


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